Here’s a bit of grammar for you. I make no apologies for bringing grammar up, because personally I can’t see why so many people are so against it! In my opinion, the only way to learn to speak a language fluently is to understand the grammar correctly.

So here’s the story… I was speaking with my Spanish friend on Facebook earlier tonight and was explaining how I’d just walked my friend back to her house. “Now how do you say that in Spanish?” I thought to myself. So I told her “Andé con mi amiga a su casa.” That’s right isn’t it?

Turns out that I’d made a very common mistake in that sentence. My friend explained to me how about 95% of Spanish people conjugate the verb ‘andar’ incorrectly; so at least I wasn’t the only one! ‘Andar’ is an irregular verb in the preterite tense and so is conjugated like so:

Yo anduve, tú anduviste, él/ella anduvo, nosotros anduvimos, vosotros anduvisteis, ellos/as anduvieron

The way I remember it now is that it’s conjugated just like the verb ‘tener’, and we use that all the time in Spanish, so it’s not too hard to remember.